enhance Cleaning

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The No 1 Window Cleaning Company 

We clean a lot of windows during the course of our working week.

We use the best modern methods by using pure / deionized water and  extendable water fed poles allowing us to safely clean from the ground with outstanding results and minimum disturbance to our clients. 

From awkward windows above conservatoires (many that haven't been cleaned in years) to to fifth and sixth storey windows on high rise buildings, cleaning the frames and glass correctly we can ensure great results that we guarantee. 

The cost of cleaning a home can start from as little as just £10 per visit and go upwards from there depending on several factors:

The first two considerations we would make when costing window cleaning would be the size of the property and accessibility. 

Is it a two bedroomed semi detached house without a conservatory on a residential estate or a six bedroom, 3 storey Victorian property on a busy main road ?

Is there easy or restricted access ?

Is parking possible or are there restrictions ?

Is it to be regular two or four weekly cleaning a two monthly or a one off clean ? 

So pricing varies from home to home and the customers needs.

If you get in touch and give us a few basic details we can give you a pretty accurate indication over the phone.(or by email or text whichever is your preferred method of communication).

                     Contact us on 0151 515 6500 or Mobile 07816004972

                            email: enhance4cleaning@gmail.com

                                 Our aim: 

  To provide an honest, value for money, reliable            service. Guaranteeing the quality of our work