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                           Render Cleaning

   Stained or Dirty render really detracts from the look 

                of a property but it can be cleaned !

Cleaning render really improves the look of your home or premises.

Red, green, brown and black staining is usually caused by algae colonisation / growth.

We use a soft wash process for our render cleaning that will clear the staining from the rendered surface with no need for high pressure jet washing that may damage the integrity and finish of the render.

If your render or K-Rend is suffering from algae staining, dirt and everyday grime on what was once a finish to be proud of then .....                                                          

                                          We can help.


Costs for render cleaning by soft washing techniques will start from around £150 and I'll be happy to give a free costing on request.

        Contact us on 0151 515 6500 or Mobile 07816004972

                            email: enhance4cleaning@gmail.com