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         Moss removal and roof cleaning treatments

These services are quickly becoming a major part of our business.

the demand is growing by the week and the benefits speak for themselves.

*The immediate look of your home can be improved hugely.

*All that moss that blocks guttering (causing its own issues) and falls onto patios, paths and driveways comes from one place "YOUR ROOF" and it will only get worse with age.

*It can escalate the deterioration of the roof surface by growing into the tile delicately penetrating the surface and allowing the ingress of moisture. In the winter months that moisture can freeze and crack the tile too.

One effect it does have.........It looks awful !

                                             We can do something about it now.

Roof cleaning can be done throughout the year so there is no better time with the exclusion of periods of severe weather. 

I'll often be asked when is the best time and if the moss is severe enough to be causing you concern or annoyance the best time is NOW.

Our preferred cleaning method is the manual removal of the moss using specialist tools and equipment  from access towers erected to roof line height rather than pressure washing a roof which if incorrectly done can have severe consequences.

Your roof  can look better in a day.

If you choose we can also treat the roof to keep the moss at bay for a time to come.

                                      Contact us for more details and a free estimate.

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