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Jet Washing.................Pressure Washing

Jet Washing or pressure washing gives great results on the day.

Its a low cost, effective and fast way to clean areas such as Paving, Decking, walls, steps, patios, paths, driveways and the like.

You can clean these areas yourself and many people do but soon find out its a dirty, time consuming and physically demanding job. Once the cleaning is done the cleaning up of the mess caused begins. 

I've done works for countless people who have done the job once themselves and vowed never to try again after wasting a whole weekend getting no more than mediocre results.

Different surfaces require different techniques too.

The likes of decking can easily be damaged or patterned if incorrectly cleaned. 

Walls to need to be tackled with caution as ageing pointing can easily be blow out weakening the structure further. 

Proper assessment and application of the right method, tools and perhaps chemicals to use are the key.

If you hand the responsibility over to us you won't be disappointed.

Costs to clean a medium size drive will probably be less than £150 and professionally completed will really enhance the look of your home.

Pressure or jet washing doesn't just make the area look better it can make it safer too. Slippery, greasy surfaces underfoot especially around alleyways or steps can be a menace and an accident waiting to happen. Correct cleaning is the answer.

The equipment, tools, chemicals and methods we use are of a professional standard and they enable us to provide the service and results our clients demand in a timely and reliable manner .

Once the cleaning of any surface is complete the area is rinsed down and tidied up to remove any mess that is created during the cleaning process. 

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