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Gutter cleaning may not be the most exiting topic of discussion but is quite important with regards to the maintenance of your property. Blocked, overflowing or restricted guttering not only looks awful but can cause damp within the property and lead to costly repairs.

By regular simple maintenance this risk can be reduced massively and the appearance of your home enhanced.

Often we are asked what's the best way to empty or clear guttering?
At Enhance we use several method, manually emptying by hand using ladder (where safe to do so) or platform / tower scaffold..
The use of long reach poles with dedicated tool attachments are often used from ladder or platform/ scaffold access to drag across the debris to a central point for collection and disposal.
Occasionally low pressure high volume water flow will do the trick to swill certain blockages and clear the gutter system.

Vacuum cleaning is also very effective and often safer than other methods as it can be completed from the ground with the use of gutter vacuum poles of up to 30 feet and more.
All drainpipes are emptied and checked as part of our emptying service.
Gutter emptying normally costs from around £40 and as you would expect varies from home to home, property to property depending on size, gutter runs and accessibility.

We get the guttering to flow properly again when the guttering is cleared and all downspouts are emptied and checked. We can also make it look better too!

Just like with conservatory roofs, we clean guttering exterior, facias, soffits and cladding to make them look nearly new again. 
Various suitable cleaning agents are used dependant on the situation to deliver the optimum result.

Facia cleaning along with soffit, external gutter and cladding cleans are priced depending on the length of time we'd expect to take. A starting cost would be approximately £80 for a smaller home.